Google Drive

Google Drive 



Google Drive offers snappy capacity and a truly alluring design. Be that as it may, it’s not worth getting excessively energized over as it simply doesn’t offer any historic point highlights in case you’re not officially fastened to Google’s biological community. In the event that you simply need some additional distributed storage, it’s an easy decision. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for one spot to keep your information, this one won’t not be for you.


This application gives you 15GB of distributed storage to hold your documents. On the off chance that you need all the more, then you need to pay up; there’s no real way to open more by sharing or doing certain undertakings a la Dropbox. Google Drive adjusts in a lot of cool routes with Gmail, Calendar, and other Google applications you most likely utilize each day. Be that as it may, it just acts as a document viewer and uploader. You can’t make alters to any of your reports from inside the application. It will show your documents as PDFs on the off chance that you have to peruse them, however. The main thing you can really do with your reports other than read them is pin them so you can utilize them disconnected from the net. That is useful in case you’re in a spot where Internet is spotty.

Google drive

The application rests the greater part of its qualities on the administration, itself. That implies this application is the one you require in the event that you as of now utilize Google’s cloud to store your documents. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for an awesome distributed storage application, Google Drive application doesn’t have enough taking the plunge to wow you. Still, 15GB of capacity is decent to have, regardless of the possibility that you as of now utilize another distributed storage administration


From Google: With Google Drive, you can store all your records in one spot, so you can get to them from anyplace and offer them with others. You can store get to your photographs, archives, and recordings. Highlights incorporate transfer records to Google Drive specifically from your Android gadget, impart any document to your contacts, access documents others have imparted to you on Google Drive, make any document accessible logged off so you can get to them notwithstanding when you don’t have an Internet association, oversee documents on the go, make and alter Google archives with backing for tables, remarks, and rich  organizing, alters to your Google reports appear to teammates in seconds, view Google presentations with full activitys and speaker notes, roll out speedy improvements to spreadsheets, see your PDFs and office archives, transfer and change over records to the Google Docs position, take a photograph of printed  and change over it to a Google record, print documents put away in Google Drive on the go utilizing Google Cloud Print, and open documents put away in Google Drive through Drive empowered applications in the program.






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