Epic Privacy Browser 48.0.2553.0

Epic Privacy Browser 48.0.2553.0


Title:                              Epic Privacy Browser 48.0.2553.0

Filename:                       EpicSetup.exe

Record size:                    1.75MB (1,832,744 bytes)

Prerequisites:                   Windows (All Versions)

Dialects:                          Multiple dialects

Permit:                            Freeware


Security is a major issue, and your protection is a huge piece of it. There are a plenty of ways that you can guarantee your protection stays away from plain view whilst scanning the web. For example, you can erase your history after every scanning session, or utilize your program’s private perusing mode. Including a Do Not Track module is helpful, and additionally concealing your IP address by experiencing an intermediary.


Epic Privacy Browser has been outlined particularly because of security. It has been based on the Chromium stage and doesn’t hold history, doesn’t permit modules and it pieces outsider treats. It accompanies an implicit intermediary to shroud your IP address too.


  • Key Features include:
  • Moment Proxy.
  • Secure Search.
  • Try not to Track.
  • Treat Blocker.

The application additionally has some cool ‘in the engine’ security highlights as well. Epic Privacy Browser pieces fingerprinting scripts and capacities, for example, picture canvas information getting to keeping in mind the end goal to shield you from being followed.


Epic Privacy Browser is quick, straightforward and extremely secure. It has some great security highlights as standard. In general, Epic Privacy Browser guarantees securing your protection is impossible, it is the default. With devices, for example, dynamic Do Not Track, and an inherent Web intermediary, this program concentrates on security and protection to guarantee you protection stays in place.





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