Title:                         1Password

Filename:                 aomjjhallfgjeglblehebfpbcfeobpgk

Record size:             –

Prerequisites:           Windows (All Versions)

Dialects:                 Multiple dialects

Permit:                   Commercial Trial


1Password is a safe watchword manager* that goes past straightforward secret word stockpiling. The augmentation coordinates specifically with your web program to naturally log you into sites, enter Mastercard data, fill enlistment structures, and it can without much of a stretch create solid passwords.


The 1Password augmentation for Google’s Chrome program is easy to use with an interesting interface. A single tick opens your program, opens a site, fills in your username and secret word, and logs you in. With the 1Password expansion introduced, you can utilize a solitary snap to make solid, novel new passwords for all your records, then it recollects that them in the 1Password vault so you don’t need to.


Key elements include:

  • 1Password utilizations the best accessible encryption from all around trusted and investigated cryptographic libraries.
  • You just need to recall that one single secret word for all your records.
  • Program combination.






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